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Not many years ago, people would have laughed at anyone who suggested they were going to take a quick trip anywhere that had a zip in Newark. The city had a reputation as being one of the most dangerous in the United States of America, and it was a statement that was touted about in various television shows, magazines, and other purveyors of pop culture for several years.

The reality is that Newark deserves a reputation that is much more equestrian. London Ontario and other cities are more comparable to the Newark of today than centers with more dangerous reputations. The city and the state have taken considerable measures in rejuvenating Newark`s image, and those efforts have started to pay off on the entertainment front.

To start with, the most popular professional sports team in the state, the New Jersey Devils moved to Newark in 2007. This gave a considerable boost to the appearance of the city`s downtown core, and increased traffic there as well. The Devils enjoy as large a following in the state as many of the NHL's big franchises. Canada, New York, and some other cities have larger fan bases, but the Devils are in the top ten as far as viewership, every season.

The rejuvenation of the entertainment aspects of Newark also concentrated on the already established cultural highlights which have long been in place in Newark. For example, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is admired by many an architect in Toronto and other large cities. It is one of the largest gothic cathedrals in the United States, and is said to rival even major European cathedrals in sheer amounts of stained glass work.

The largest museum in New Jersey is Newark Museum, and it too has gained in popularity with those who love cultural exhibits in the area. The art on display is simply incredible, and many critics agree that it houses the best exhibition of Tibetan art to be found in the world today. The Newark Museum is more than just art, however. It also includes a planetarium, several science exhibits (some of which demonstrate the mechanics of everyday items such as the slurry mixer), a small zoo, and historic buildings.

Culture and sports are all great, but let`s face it, sometimes you just want to shop. Well, the largest city in the most densely populated region of the United States has just about anything you could want to find in a store. High end malls with cutting edge ambiance and boutiques blaring funk music all compete for the attention and the dollars of the shopaholics who frequent the city`s downtown.

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