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There are many excellent reasons to hire a realtor to help you sell a home in Newark, New Jersey. Realtors know what prices are fair, which homes are hot commodities, whether they're likely to appreciate in value, and where to find the right buyer for your house. They have access to the Kingston, Ontario MLS and other MLS services that can help get your home exposure all over North America. But unfortunately realtors are the same as anyone else - some are not honest and others you simply won't get along with. So how do you choose one? Follow our advice.


Before agreeing to list with an agent, even if it's one you're related to or have had recommended to you by a friend who is a Chinese real estate agent in Toronto, make sure to sit down together and have a frank discussion about your expectations and desires regarding the house. While it's not necessary for your agent to agree with you on every single point, he or she should be able to explain things in a way you understand, genuinely want to help you, and make you feel comfortable.


It's important to investigate a real estate agent's track record and background before trusting them with such an important task as the sale of your home. Ask for a list of their previous clients and make sure to actually follow up by calling them to ask about the agent's performance. Remember to check more than one, even if they've moved to Arlington, TX. Real estate agents have friends, too, and some of them might portray the agent as more competent than they really are, so cast as wide a net as possible.


Not all real estate agents will ask for the same cut from the sale of your home, though usually the quality of service is directly proportional to the money the agent stands to gain from the sale. You may already know this from hiring full service Etobicoke real estate brokers who would drop everything to help you while your neighbor got only a brief listing in the paper from his discount agent. Make sure you know exactly what you're paying and what you're getting for it and that you're comfortable with this trade off.


While many real estate agents have their own small businesses, others are affiliated with a large national or multinational company such as Remax or Coldwell Banker. While individual agents offer more personalized service, the backing of a company can get you more exposure, and you may feel more comfortable with them since their "cousins" helped you buy a Toronto condo a few years ago. If you decide on a company, though, make sure you know and trust the agent who will be assigned to you.

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